September 18

Explore Time Supplies

Explore Time

Summit Fifth grade is looking for supplies to help us with our weekly Explore Time.  If you have any of the following, please save them and send them to school Friday, September 25th

Items needed:

  • Paper towel tubes
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Wrapping paper rolls
  • Masking tape
  • Cotton balls
  • Q tips
  • Tooth picks
  • Play doh
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Marbles


Due to our limited storage, please keep these at home until Friday morning!  Thanks in advance for anything you can send to help our engineers achieve their design goals!

September 15

Friday, Sept.14

Mrs. Buswell here!

Today was a day of zigs and zags!  We had many uncompleted projects to finish, as well as tie dying our new Summit Fifth tees!   As always, CNN began our morning and kiddos are really getting the knack for note taking.  Everything in fifth grade is evidence based.  We cite evidence to support our thinking in literacy, math, science, social studies, and even current events.  Today’s segments on CNN continued to focus on Hurricane Florence and we also watched a storm surge simulation from the Weather Channel to heighten our understanding of what a 9 foot storm surge would actually look like.

Literacy time was used to discuss and analyze our multiple intelligence graphs/surveys.  Kiddos have learned we all have different learning styles and they compared their survey results with what they already know about themselves.  You’ll be able to see this during the MBS Open House!

Tie dying our shirts took the bulk of the afternoon.  Monday will also require OLD clothes!  We will be unbanding the shirts and rinsing them.  This is extremely messy and if kiddos are not careful they could become covered in dye!

We finished the day with a ‘Race to Win’.  This was a paper designed to highlight the importance of listening and following directions.  Ask your kiddo about this!

Thus ends our first full week of fifth grade!  I hope your children have been sharing their activities and learning beyond the quick blog posts we’ve been creating!  Next week is Open House and our first field trip next Friday!

Happy Weekend Summit Fifth Families!

September 13

Thursday 9/13

Learned about our tie dye shirts and we banded them.  We’ll dye them tomorrow, plan on wearing old clothes.  You should also plan on wearing old clothes on Monday.  We had our very first all school meeting.  We learned a new math game called ‘101 and out’.  We’ll play it again tomorrow.  We learned about the different types of intelligences and will use them with our graphs.  We learned about plot structure and used it in a foldable.  We also did CNN and spent time discussing the Syrian civil war.

September 12

Wednesday, Sept. 12

Today we continued on our foldables and we continued on our math.  We started to work on volume.  We also went to music and we wrote our first narrative .  We began working on a special gift for our grownups & our 40 year old future selves.

September 10

Picture Day Tomorrow!

Today we learned about area and square units.  We also learned a pattern to multiply the denominator by itself to determine the number of units it takes to make a square unit, and we learned about Math Menu.  We had music.  We did another birthday rock ritual!  We continued taking notes for CNN and we did a greeting and Monday Morning share.  We continued our foldables with story vocabulary.  We also did a Go Noodle and we just started our bar graphs for multiple intelligences.

September 6


We had guidance today and continued our CNN.  We began our Me Tees and our foldables notebooks.  We verified the types of books in our book bins.  We worked on a quilt question in math and focused on area.  We finalized our loft rules and practiced what we would do in a lockdown.

September 5

Wednesday’s News

Today we watched CNN10.  We had music and learned how to play Twinkle, Twinkle on the ukelele.  We had our first birthday rock ritual and we did a free write!  Unfortunately the free write was on ‘What I did on my Summer Vacation” …. not an interesting topic!  We also got our first math home practice!

September 4

Tuesday, September 4

We showed up for school today and did lots of things!  One of the things we did was to discuss the ‘do’s’ for the loft.   We finished up our special project!  We began our first math of the fifth grade school year.  We did our first note taking for CNN10.  We took a long, long, long spelling test.  Mrs. Buswell said we didn’t need to stress out about it.   We had P.E. with Mrs. Eastman and discussed playground rules.

August 31


I guess you came back again!  We finished our secret project today!  We did ZINGO and we learned more about each other.  We took a reading test called the Gates McGinity.  It’s a timed test that our teacher uses.  We also did Go Noodle!  We had chicken nuggets for lunch.  We had a terrific, awesome day!  We went to P.E. and we had a bus drill and had the fastest evacuation time of the entire school!  We also did some more concentration coloring and watched CNN10.    (This post was written by the awesome Bunch!)

August 30

Second Day

What a day!  We were creative – flowers, leaves, coloring.  We learned about each other & our room – checked out the room and where things were located, we shared  Five Truths and a Lie, we used acting to find our ‘sticker’ buddies, we interviewed a partner and recorded their responses.  We also learned about today’s current events by watching our first CNN 10!