May 16

Just Cuz

Just because you may look different, doesn’t mean you don’t feel a connection!  How many times have I rearranged the classroom?  Although, I admit, I haven’t juggled any of you!  😉

May 15

District Art Show!


Art Show:  Here is a message from our CSD art teachers about the art show.

2019-20 Colchester School District Online Art Show

We are proud to announce that we will still have an Art Show this year to celebrate the achievements made through the visual arts by our CSD students during the 2019-20 school year.

An online gallery is being created by K-12 art teachers now. This gallery site will be made available to the public starting TUESDAY May 26th, 2020. You can find the link on all CSD websites, Instagram, and Facebook pages on the 26th.

The online format allows for EVERY student at MBS to be displayed this year! Be on the lookout for the launch! 

May 14

The Great Realization

Hello, Bunch!

This is something I saw on Facebook, and I adored it.  I know it’s rather grownup, but the message is powerful, and I especially adore the end!  I would love it if you watched it with a trusted grownup.  You know I always share my personal opinions with you, but this video brings to light questions, responses, concern, and … calm.

May 4

Another Quarantine Positive!

I really love how so many zoos and aquariums are providing ‘field trips’ for their critters!  Here’s another video of one of those field trips!  I read that the sloth especially loved hanging out with the dolphins and the two species ‘clicked’ at each other for hours!

April 17




Just a couple of important items:

  1.  Be sure to watch Miss Rigg’s video posted in our Google Classroom on how to submit assignments! Too many of you are sharing/inviting me to edit and it isn’t going into your completed assignment file!
  2. If you can’t get into Newsela, use the article PDFs I created.  You can never alter a PDF, so don’t stress about the online quizzes.  Let it go!  Do, however, complete the notes/graphic organizers/slides that go along with the article!  Be sure to submit, not share!  (See the note about Miss Rigg’s video listed above!)
  3. Have I mentioned Miss Rigg’s video?????
  4. Class meetings are Tuesdays and Fridays at 9:30 a.m.  You will no longer receive separate invitations.  I set it up as a recurring meeting!  You can either use the old email invitation, or better still, click on your Google Calendar and click on the meeting!  It will take you right to the joining screen!
  5. We’re celebrating Liam’s birthday with a virtual rock ritual on the Tuesday we return!  Have your meaningful compliment ready!  We may try to pass the ‘rock’ from screen to screen!
  6. I miss seeing you in person but stay safe, stay well, stay home!
April 17

Breakout Rooms – LIVE!

I LOVE THIS!  I really hope you all take advantage of this fun!

How do you play? 
In order to play, visit at 11 AM PT (2PM ET) and wait for the game to start. There is no login required. When you complete a game, you can enter to win a prize.

Can students win prizes? 
When a game is complete the player enters their parent’s or teacher’s email address. Winners must reside in the U.S. to win a prize (unfortunately laws and regulations keep us from offering prizes outside the U.S.).

How much does it cost to play? 

Can I play past episodes? 
Yep! All past episodes can be found at Please note: you can only enter to win prizes when you play a game the same day it is aired.

How difficult are the puzzles? 
The puzzles start easy and get progressively more difficult. Starting with middle elementary going up to middle school.

How do I know what the topics will be? 
Each Sunday we’ll send out an email with the next week’s topics and prizes. Prizes typically include Breakout EDU kits and Breakout HOME games.