November 1

This Week






We did an Escape Room yesterday to celebrate Halloween!  We worked hard together and solved many clues that were designed for high schoolers!  We actually solved it but the lock was jammed during the game!

We did a math review for tomorrow’s math test!  And we started working on traditional division algorithms!

This morning Ms. Haney helped us with a new foldable on context clues – synonyms, cause & effect, and series.  We can use these clues to figure out new vocabulary!  We’ve also been learning about theme!  A theme is a moral or life lesson.  It’s the big idea behind the story, but not a summary.  Any theme is justifiable as long as you can produce evidence to support it.  It should be directly from the text!  We’ve also been working on our guided reading books … which may have the theme of teamwork, and survival.  In Island, the kids are trying to survive the sinking ship, and in The Cay, Timothy and Phillip are trying to survive on the island.



October 22

Monday, October 22

We had our first Four Winds today!  We learned about ecosystems, worms, soil.  Thank you Mrs. Stahl and Mr. MacAuley!

We had our first Social Studies lesson on Colonial America with Ms. Miller.  We also took a survey on personal choices.

Lastly, worked on division and converting customary units of measure and played an online math game on converting measurements.

October 9

Tuesday, October 9

Today we created a list of ‘first times’.  We’ll be using the list to ‘explode’ the moment by taking a large idea and drilling it down into a ‘in the moment’ story.

Literacy had us continuing with our read aloud Refugee.  We’re really beginning to empathize with the 3 main characters and the troubles they are experiencing.

Math shows us the power of 10!  We’re learning exponential notation and how to use extended multiplication facts to efficiently solve equations.  For example:   50 x (9 x 10 to the third).

Science today was all about producers and tomorrow we will be creating our own producer ecosystem!

Reminder:  photo re takes will be Friday and we’ll also be working on our Rube Goldberg machines on Friday!

October 3

Our Special Visitor!

What a treat!  We had Jan Gangsei come in to teach us about being published!  Jan is a successful author and she even shared her newest book with us …. you can’t even buy it yet!  It was such a thrill to listen to all it takes to be an author!  Who knew bookstores could sell back their unsold inventory?  And royalties?  And the number of revisions a book might go through?  Oh, and we were fascinated about author’s not being in charge of their own cover art, or even book titles!  Such an amazing hour for the Summit 5th team!  Thanks, Mrs. Gangsei for sharing your passion for writing and the secret world of publishing!

October 3

Wednesday, October 3

Today had our first math test, two, in fact.  We had our unit 1 math test and our unit 2 pre-test.  We watched CNN 10, practiced our spelling, and we had a scientists’ meeting.  We went to music and we were able to eat lunch in the classroom.  Tomorrow will be our first spelling test and we’ll make up our team building field trip on Friday!


October 1

Monday, October 1

Today we had our weekly morning meeting and check in.  We also began our first conversations regarding CNN.  We’ve been working on taking notes and today we used those notes to support our ideas.

We also got further into our guided reading books, began Mountain Language (on our own) and got further into our read aloud.

Math was a hustle to try to review for our first math test.  I’d hoped it would be tomorrow but I suspect it will be Wednesday.

Science brought our first scientist’ meeting.  We discussed norms, and shared some ideas about some photos we examined.

Lastly, I reminded kiddos that spelling starts tonight.  All students (but two) were assigned spelling groups and shown how to sign on to Spelling City.  The expectation is that students will practice 10 minutes a night to prepare for a Friday test.

And, speaking of Friday, this Friday will be our rescheduled field trip!  A reminder note will go home tomorrow, look for it in back packs!

September 27

Thursday, September 27

Tomorrow is class celebration day!  We filled our token jar and we’re celebrating with an hour of electronics tomorrow!  We are allowed to bring our devices but we must log into our school account.  If we are listening to music, we need earbuds and we need to show Mrs. B what we’re listening to.

Today we discussed science conversations, had a fire drill, practiced our volume, got our spelling groups, and continued with our guided reading.  We discussed literacy’s Status of the Class and Mrs. B now knows what choice book we’re reading.  We also spoke about special people.

September 25

Tuesday, September 25

Today we finished up our scientist drawings and did a walk about to see each others’ work.  We really began science by examining three photos and trying to determine which of the three terrifies scientists.  Then we went to our partners and then we went to tables.  At the table, sometimes we agreed and sometimes we disagreed.  With explanations we were able to understand their thinking.  When there was a difference of opinion, we went with the majority’s thinking.

We also started a new read aloud called Refugee.  This is an extremely mature book and we’ve been told by Mrs. B that we cannot do any independent research on the topics.  She would like us to discuss this book with our grownups, but no internet research.

We worked on this week’s Riddler and we reviewed last week’s Riddler.  We also worked on Windowpane #2.  During our math lesson we learned the formulas for volume.  One is v = l x w x h.  The other is V = B x h.  ‘B’ stands for area of the base.

We also shared each other’s favorite place writing and asked a question about them.  We’ll continue with this tomorrow.

Lastly, this is a reminder that tomorrow is early dismissal and we’re looking for all those Explore Time goodies (tp rolls, tape, glue sticks, etc.) for Friday.  We’ve also rescheduled our field trip for Friday, October 5th!  A reminder and agenda is coming soon!

September 18

Explore Time Supplies

Explore Time

Summit Fifth grade is looking for supplies to help us with our weekly Explore Time.  If you have any of the following, please save them and send them to school Friday, September 25th

Items needed:

  • Paper towel tubes
  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Wrapping paper rolls
  • Masking tape
  • Cotton balls
  • Q tips
  • Tooth picks
  • Play doh
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Marbles


Due to our limited storage, please keep these at home until Friday morning!  Thanks in advance for anything you can send to help our engineers achieve their design goals!